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IT Maintenance

Entrust your IT maintenance with our specialists

Our regular IT maintenance service will help to ensure proper operation of your computers, tablets, network, peripheral and other IT equipment. By providing IT maintenance services, we assume responsibility for stable operation, safety, development, optimization, and adaptation of our customer’s IT infrastructure to the ever-changing business conditions – you can focus on the solution of your business tasks and issues by making your technical environment our concern. Baltneta offers IT maintenance service not only to the customers, located in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania – this service is also rendered in the neighboring countries.

Features of The Service

  • Remote IT Infrastructure Maintenance

    Remote maintenance enables expeditious response to queries, fault identification and troubleshooting, prevention and monitoring.

  • On-site IT Infrastructure Maintenance

    If our engineers are unable to carry out remote troubleshooting or other remote servicing, they come to our customer’s office.

  • Incident Registration and Troubleshooting

    We register incidents and provide professional consultations 24x7. Where necessary, we provide IT maintenance 24x7.

  • IT Infrastructure Prevention

    Preventive maintenance works, carried out on a regular basis, prevent from eventual faults and ensure smooth functioning of IT system.

  • Backup

    At our customer’s request, we make backup of workstations, which is kept in the data center.

  • Maintenance Reports

    Reports on completed maintenance of workstations and time of resolving are uploaded on our customer portal once a month.

  • Migration of Workstations

    Where necessary, we can move your workstations to different office spaces or even to geographically dispersed branch office locations.

  • Hardware Replacement

    In case of your hardware breakdown, when it is taken for servicing, we provide hardware replacement until the restoration of the operation of your hardware.

  • IT Audit

    Before we start working with a new customer, we carry out IT audit and the initial arrangement of workstations.

IT Maintenance Service Options

In virtue of the importance of IT system for your business, we suggest choosing one of three IT maintenance plans: ITP 1, ITP 2, and ITP 3. The plans vary by the scope of services, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and principle of taxation.

For your convenience we enable you choosing several different plans for your IT maintenance: e.g., for the workstations of the administration – ITP 3, for less critical workstations – ITP 2 or ITP 1.

Remote IT infrastructure maintenance

On-site IT infrastructure maintenance Hourly rate
Peripheral equipment maintenance
Incident registration 24x7
Maintenance reports
IT audit

IT maintenance check-up

Migration of workstations
Smartphones and tablets configuration
Hardware replacement
Troubleshooting on extended working day Extra order
Extra order
Troubleshooting on weekends and holidays
Extra order Extra order Extra order
Data backup and data recovery
Extra order
Extra order Extra order
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