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IaaS Management Portal

Manage Your Virtual Datacentre by Yourselves with the Help of vCloud Director!

The management portal allows managing all the parts of your virtual datacentre infrastructure - servers, data arrays, network and security. The portal allows completing works, which demanded hours before, in a few minutes.

Possibilities of the Management Portal:

Creation of users with different privileges

Creation, modification and deletion of server

Starting, stopping and restarting of server

Installation of operating system

Setting of network parameters

Configuration of firewall

Management of libraries of server copies

Signing in to servers directly from a browser

Management of data array

Real-time change of server disk type

Creation of server snapshot

Monitoring of server loads

Management of vCloud Director

  • Sign In

    Virtual datacentre can be signed in through a browser, using unique sign-in data provided to a customer.

  • Creation of New Server

    A virtual server can be created by choosing an operating system and processor, memory and capacity parameters.

  • Modification of Server Parameters

    Depending on operating system, server parameters can be changed without even restarting the server.

  • LAN/WAN Setup

    Set the servers to have Internet connection and the servers with internal network of the datacentre only. Configure VPN network.

  • Firewall Management

    Create firewall rules to define what types of traffic are allowed or blocked and which ports must be closed or open.

  • Setup of IP Addresses

    Set static IP addresses, ranges of IP addresses, and manage DNS records.

  • OS Images

    Use a public library of OS images or create a private one. Using the library, a new server can be created in a few minutes.

  • Snapshots

    Make a snapshot of your virtual server and do not hesitate attempting an application update without fear to ruin the system.

  • Signing In to Servers via Console

    Using a console, you can sign in to servers directly from a browser. This will reduce server administration time.