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Encrypt your virtual servers in the cloud with Hytrust

One hundred percent security of your data in Baltneta cloud

Virtual server encryption with Hytrust DataControl solution ensures that no one else (including certified Baltneta system administrator) will have access to your data. The solution ensures complete encryption of the client’s virtual environment, including O/S, applications, data, and backup copies. The solution is easy to install and it characterizes for the security mobility – even if you change a physical server or data array, your data will always remain encrypted.

100% data security Full protection Security mobility

Only you, as the data owner, will have access to encryption keys.

Encrypts not only data, but also applications, system files, and boot information.

Even if you change a physical server or data centre, your data will always remain encrypted.

Characteristics of Hytrust Virtual Servers’ Encryption in the Public Cloud Solution

  •  Influence on applications and performance

    Hytrust solution does not overload processors, does not reduce application performance and is implemented without shutting down virtual servers.

  •  Encryption key management

    Encryption keys are stored in a server, other than your virtual infrastructure. Only the client has access to key management.

  •  Preparing for the GDPR and the audit

    Information will not only be encrypted, but you will also be able to see when and to whom access to encryption keys has been granted.

  •  Secure backup

    Backup copies often become a hole in IT infrastructure. With Hytrust backup copies will also be encrypted.

  •  Automated protection

    The solution does not require changing business processes or routine work with virtual infrastructure. You just have to decide which employees may have access to the encryption keys.

  •  Simplicity

    Although encryption is a complex process, Hytrust solution is easy to manage. You just have to choose which virtual servers to encrypt.