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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Have No Concerns - Even in Case of a Sudden Disaster Your Business Will Be Able to Continue Operations

It is difficult to predict the likelihood of accidents involving IT infrastructure, estimate their duration, potential consequences, and impact on business, therefore, in order to avoid data loss, standstill of business operations, or even bankruptcy, and all companies should be prepared in advance and not wait until an accident occurs.

The disaster recovery service as provided by Baltneta comprises processes, strategies and procedures related to recovery of critical technical infrastructure after a natural or man-made disaster. The service helps assuring continuity of organisation operations even in case of unexpected incidents and comprises recovery of devices, applications and data.

 Business Continuity  Low Costs  Data Recovery Point and Time (RPO and RTO)

Remain assured that critical business functions will be accessible to customers, suppliers, administrators and other parties concerned even in case of incident or disaster.

Service is provided for a subscription fee, which is significantly lower than the price of acquisition and management of redundant infrastructure and disaster recovery software.

Reduce the downtime and the risk of data loss by choosing a solution that meets the recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) requirements for critical IT systems.

When tolerable data loss is RPO 15 min and data recovery is RTO 1-2 h,
choose Veeam DRaaS service


Baltneta Veeam DRaaS (Disaster Recovery-as-a-service) is a disaster recovery in Baltneta resources with Veeam Cloud Connect service. It is a solution for companies that choose to have a disaster recovery option in another data center. In the event of a natural or man-made catastrophe in your infrastructure, virtual machines will be activated in Baltneta Cloud.

Veeam Cloud Connect transmits replicas of your virtual machines to Baltneta Cloud through a safe and encoded TLS/SSL channel. Replication process is controlled by you in Veeam console. In the event of disaster, you can stay calm about your business continuity – in web portal you will be able to independently activate critical virtual machines in Baltneta data center. The recovery of viability of the system – from 15 min. Recovery point objective – 15 min.

Baltneta Veeam DRaaS Plans


How It Works

 Installing the Service  Testing  Safety

Simply add a Service Provider and enter the credentials straight from your on-premise Veeam management console.

Self-service on-demand Your Disaster Recovery plan testing without disrupting production workloads.

All of your data is transmitted over a secure SSL/TLS connection and is safely stored in Baltneta Cloud in Tier3 data centre.

When tolerable data loss is RPO 24 h and data recovery is RTO 24-48 h,
choose Veeam Cloud Connect service


Baltneta's Veeam Cloud Connect is an external data backup solution designed for companies that seek to quickly improve their backup, replication and disaster recovery strategies without investing in their own infrastructure.

Veeam Cloud Connect allows you to easily save data backups in a geographically remote data storage system and restore data from any of your backups when needed. This means that, even if you lose your locally stored data copies, you will not have to worry about business continuity, because you will be able to restore your critically important virtual servers.

 Save  Manage  Never worry

Avoid the cost of creating your own remote infrastructure: you will only have to pay for a Veeam licence (if you don't already have one) and the space taken up by backups.

You will be able to create, manage and restore data from remote data backups yourself, using the Veeam management console.

With the Veeam Cloud Connect service, you will have an additional guarantee that your backups are safely stored in Baltneta's Tier3 data centre.

Veeam Cloud Connect Plans


How It Works

  •  Installing the Service

    A service provider is added in your Veeam management console and the information needed to connect to the remote data backup storage system is then entered.

  •  Creating Backups

    Your data is safely copied to Baltneta's Cloud. You will be able to use your Veeam management console to create and monitor your backups.

  •   Restoring Data

    You will be able to use your Veeam management console to easily restore data to a required location from any of the backups created by you.